Three C Recovery Network

Three “C” Recovery Health Care Network

The Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County (ADAMH); The Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board of Cuyahoga County;  and the Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board (HCMHRSB) have jointly formed a Council of Government (COG) entity known as the Three C Recovery and Health Care Network (Three C).(Three C), formed pursuant to Chapter 167 of the Ohio Revised Code, will provide a forum for the planning and development of an integrated system of behavioral health care and primary health care in a manner which is cost-effective and efficient to promote and protect the best interest of persons being served by the Boards.Three C is currently planning and developing a new health care management information system known as the Shared Health and Recovery Enterprise System (SHARES). SHARES will be health care management information system that will support management of client enrollment, benefit management, provider contracting, payment processes, and utilization and outcomes management.

Public Meetings:
Meetings of the Three C Recovery and Health Care Network are open to the public.Public meeting notices can be found on the ADAMH homepage.

Request for Proposal

Medicaid, Medicare and Other Third Party Eligibility Services

The Three C Recovery and Health Care Network Council of Governement (COG), Having a mailing address of 2350 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219, is soliciting competitive sealed proposals for Mediciad, Medicare and Other Third Party Eligibility Verification Services to support its Shared Healthcare and Recovery Enterprise System (SHARES).

The COG requires access to timely, accurate and reliable eligibility and benefit information. The COG also requires this access via daily batch file uploads into SHARES and via real time, client-specific look-ups in order to:

  • Facilitate member enrollment;
  • Coordinate benefits;
  • Prevent duplicative payments to providers; and
  • Coordinate complex care arrangements for children, youth, adults and elders who require mental health and substance use care.

Request for Proposal Full Description PDF

Exhibit A: System Requirements Spreadsheet

Notice to Bidders PDF

3CRHCN Bidders Conference Call Minutes

COGs Response to Questions

Questions:  All questions must be received in writing via email on or before July 3, 2015, directed to Neelima Savardekar

Interested parties shall have the sole responsibility to monitor the website to obtain any amendments and clarifications during the entire bidding process including site visits dates/times, questions/answers dates/times and proposal opening dates/times.

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