Our Strategic Results

2012 – 2017 Strategic Results

Every three to five years the ADAMH Board of Trustees close out the previous strategic results and set the new over-arching strategic results for the ADAMH system of care based on the business environment issues that face Franklin County. The strategic results are stretching – not business as usual. Strategic results may take the entire five years to work on incrementally and provides a guidepost to allocate staff and funding resources.

Access to Integrated Care

By January 2017, ADAMH will expand access to care for uninsured people through integrated models of primary care, addiction treatment, and mental health care to help achieve identified outcomes and recovery.

Access to Quality Care & Supports

By January 2017, ADAMH will improve access to clinically appropriate and necessary treatment services and supports for children, youth, families, and individuals to help achieve identified outcomes and recovery.

Value Based Contracting

By January 2017, ADAMH will streamline service delivery to increase system efficiencies, expand access to care, and sustain clinical quality and cultural competency through value based contracting.

Community Collaboration & Engagement

By January 2017, ADAMH will increase support from Franklin County communities for the Board’s mission by sustaining and expanding its collaboration and outreach with community partners.

Community Advocacy

By January 2017, ADAMH will advocate to local, state, and national elected officials and decision makers to provide increased support for community-based services and treatment for children, youth, families, and individuals.

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Improving Franklin County

Our mission is to improve the well-being of our community by reducing the incidence of mental health problems and eliminating the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in Franklin County.

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