Mini-Grant Program


ADAMH will no longer accept mini-grant applications for programs/events occurring in 2017. ADAMH has distributed the mini-grant funds for the year. ADAMH will begin accepting applications for 2018 in November. The first deadline for the 2018 Mini-Grant Program will be November 1. We are currently updating the Mini-Grant Program Guidelines and Applications and will make them available in October.

Our Community Mini-Grant Program

The ADAMH Board of Franklin County exists to improve the well-being of our community by reducing the incidence of mental health problems and eliminating the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in Franklin County. To support this mission, ADAMH will consider proposals from non-profit or faith-based organizations for community programs that address growing challenges in Franklin County and build on individual and community strengths to help participants achieve positive change. Additional consideration will be given to community groups that have not previously received an ADAMH mini-grant or whose programs will have a broad community impact, align with ADAMH strategic results or priorities or directly benefit people dealing with mental illness or substance abuse.

ADAMH Funding Priorities

  • Community groups or organizations that ADAMH has traditionally not been visible in assisting;
  • Projects that are in response to growing challenges in Franklin County;
  • Community-based activities that focus on building upon individual and community strengths to help achieve positive change and to assist persons dealing with mental illness or substance abuse problems realize hopes, dreams and goals; and
  • Projects that are in line with the five ADAMH Strategic Results.

2017 Community Mini-Grant Applications – CLOSED

You can learn more about the process and submission deadlines by accessing the 2017 Community Mini Grant Overview and Application Instructions. Applications are accepted on a rolling, ongoing basis.

Interested organizations should complete the 2017 Mini-Grant Application and email the completed application to Application deadlines are the first Wednesday of each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. QUESTION:  If an organization received a mini-grant award in 2016, can they apply for a 2017 mini-grant?
  • ANSWER: Yes, organizations that received a mini-grant in 2016 are eligible to apply for the 2017 Community Mini-grant Program.
  1. QUESTION:  Can mini-grant funds be used to provide funding or payment for any member of your current staff?
  • ANSWER:  No, however funds can be used to contract with a professional that is not a member of your staff for a project or service.  For example, you may be able to use the funds to hire a specialty guest speaker if you are hosting a conference event.
  1.  QUESTION:  Is there an application or budget form for the ADAMH Community Mini-grants?
  • ANSWER:  Yes, applicants can find the 2017 Community Mini-Grant Application on our website and in the section above.
  1. QUESTION:  Can an organization receive mini-grant funds to support a summer camp?
  • ANSWER:  No, mini-grants will not be awarded to support summer camps. ADAMH issued a Summer Camp Letter of Interest earlier this year and all summer camp funding was distributed through that process. Information for 2017 summer camp funding will be available on the ADAMH website early next year.
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