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What do I need to do to become an ADAMH contract provider?

You should know that although our panel of contract providers is not open-ended, we do occasionally add a provider for special targeted investments. We post these Requests For Results on our web site when available. Keep an eye on these postings and submit a proposal if your agency can successfully address the issue involved.

1. Your agency must be certified by the Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services Department (OMHAS) to provide the services you would be contracting for.

a. Contact the Office of Licensure and Certification at

2. Respond to a Request for Results (RFR) as posted on

a. Your agency musts demonstrate experience and credentialing with the evidence-based practice being sought after.
b. Submit a program description, budget, and other documentation as specified in the RFR.

3. If chosen to implement the project-

a. Your agency will work with one of our staff to expand on the RFR application regarding the program specifications and budget.
b. Your agency will sign a provider contract or memorandum of understanding regarding the services to be provided
c. You will be expected to adhere to all state behavioral health and federal HIPAA regulations.
d. You will be expected to bill the ADAMH Board through MACSIS and be able to submit test files soon after the contract/MOU has been executed.

i. Submission of a W-9
ii. Registration for MACSIS via a MACSIS Provider Request Modification Form
iii. Submission of contact information from appropriate administration, finance, and information technology staff.

What is it like to be an ADAMH contract provider?

All service providers must be capable of meeting ADAMH’s administrative criteria.
• Financial data must be submitted electronically.
• Treatment providers must adhere to all HIPAA laws and regulations.
• Consumer outcomes and other data must be submitted electronically and on time.
• Agencies must reliably show good customer service and implement client rights processing according to Ohio regulations.
• Every year ADAMH requires an Agency Service Plan detailing the types of services provided, how much of these services will be provided to how many people, and how much it will cost.

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