Mural Projects

Mural Overview

In 2013, the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health (ADAMH) Board of Franklin County started investing in partnerships with neighborhoods countywide for public murals to engage and educate the public about overall health and wellness, including mental health.

Each mural is a reflection of its location and the unique thoughts residents associate with wellness. ADAMH continues to seek out opportunities to collaborate with both urban and suburban areas about what these things mean to them.

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Franklinton Mural on Broad

The Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County (ADAMH), in partnership with ALTernative and Lower Lights Christian Health Center, worked together to provide a community mural for all to enjoy.

The project united local businesses and residents to develop a creative vision for the oldest neighborhood in Columbus, Franklinton. Collaborative mural artwork helps strengthen community connections and allows for personal healing through artistic expression.

In the mural design, visitors will notice one of the common water birds in Ohio, perching in river, taking flight and soaring into the sky over a map of Franklinton. These images represent the rebirth of the Franklinton Community. The mural also carries a message that speaks to indiviuals’ triumphal journeys to an overall healthy life.

Initiatives, like Franklinton Soars,offer the community opportunities to have open discussions about their struggles, which supports a message of hope and importance of overall health and wellness.

Thank you to our partners, our volunteers and our staff!

The Dublin Tunnel Mural was the third mural project intiated by ADAMH in partnership with ALTernative, the Dublin Arts Council and the city of Dublin.

The Mural on Path

The Mural on the Path was the second mural project intiated by ADAMH in partnership with ALTernative, the City of Westerville, Cellar Lumber, Jarvis Art Studio and the Westerville Police Department.

The Mural on Main

The Mural on Main was the first mural project intiated by ADAMH in 2013 in partnership with ALTernative and Community for New Direction.

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