MAT Nurse



REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Reports to Dir. of Outpatient Treatment DATE REVISED:
UNIT: Outpatient WORK DAYS: Mon. to Fri.
WORK SITE: Atcheson WORK HOURS: 9am to 6pm
General Statement of Duties: The MAT team nurse provides skilled nursing services to opioid dependent patients and their significant support systems. Sound clinical judgment in decision making. Patient care assessment, understand patient care goals as voiced by the patient, making the patient a major part of his/her treatment and recovery. Provide advocacy as needed to ensure patient knows and understands his/her rights. Help patient become independent by meeting treatment goals. Document and communicate nursing care to others on treatment team. Provide education for patients and/or families. Meets documentation requirements in the patient record. The MAT team nurse performs ongoing assessment, intakes, evaluations, triage, teaching, inductions, stabilizations, and monitoring of patients in MAT treatment program. Assist in the primary care of patients within the MAT treatment program, and facilitate support and services provided at other settings. Collaborates with team members within the organization, outside referral sites, and with providers/staff from addiction /healthcare settings throughout the County and State.
Subordinates: None
Qualifications: Education/Training: Bachelor’s degree preferred, RN with 5 to 10 years’ experience. Current Ohio RN license. Experience in substance abuse field with community health experience preferred. Ability to delegate tasks to other team members. Health assessment skills and coordination and delegation skills necessary.
Knowledge of community, and health resources, particularly addiction related resources and supports. Effective verbal, written, and interpersonal skills with ability to interact with providers and team members from various settings. Sensitivity to ethnic, cultural, gender; beliefs, and behaviors. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, with excellent critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• In collaboration with the Behavioral Health Clinician (BHC), performs initial assessment and intake obtaining social, medical, mental health, substance abuse and medication history.
• Collaborates, communicates, and meets with MAT treatment team as needed and required.
• Provide education and assessment to patients looking to access MAT treatment programs.
• Assess and monitor patients in the induction, stabilization, and maintenance phases of treatment.
• Provide ongoing management, education, and support of patients in all phases of treatment including; nursing visits scheduled and random, urine toxicology screens, routine labs and as needed, medication teaching, monitoring, pill counts, and medication refills.
• Exhibits non-judgmental, empathetic and supportive approach when communicating with patients/families and staff.
• Follow State and Federal guidelines in providing care to opioid dependent patients in collaboration with licensed, prescribing physicians and pharmacy.
• Complete appropriate documentation with record keeping.\
• Assist in the ongoing primary care of patients referred to the opioid treatment program.

• Consistently use clear, concise, and effective written and oral communication; and comply with departmental policies when sharing/documenting relevant patient care data.
• Works with the pharmacies and the MAT team in obtaining prescriptions, refills, prior authorizations as needed.
• Schedule urgent appointments appropriately.
• Respond to patient calls within a timely manner.
• Document all calls/visits; maintain accurate notes on telephone message and attach to progress note in patient’s chart.
• All documentation in a patient’s medical record section must be complete and easily understood by anyone who may need to access the record.
In case of patient referral to the Emergency Department or another facility, coordinate care with appropriate staff at the other facility (Mental Health Center, Emergency Department, other Community-Based Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment facilities etc.).
• Promote strict patient confidentiality and right to privacy when handling client records.
• Continually update clinical and professional knowledge and skills through formal and informal educational experience. Comply with state continuing education laws.
• Promote Assist with non-scheduled nursing needs during/throughout the shift. These requests vary from assistance with walk-ins, triage, stabilizing an acutely ill patient until the ambulance arrives, or other stabilizing interventions.
• Actively participate in policy/protocol development for the program.
• Attend and participate in MAT and other CND meetings as directed. If absent, responsible for reading minutes of meetings and signing the documentation.
• Become aware of and update community resources that would assist our patients.
• Attend annual mandatory in-services as designated by OHIOMHAS. I.e. CPR/1st aid, De-escalation and cultural diversity.
• Maintain licensure for RN status.

SALARY RANGE: $47,840 to $68,640

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