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Strategic Priorities 2017 - 2021

Every three to five years the ADAMH Board of Trustees close out the previous strategic results and set the new over-arching strategic results for the ADAMH system of care based on the business environment issues that face Franklin County. The strategic results are stretching - not business as usual. Strategic results may take the entire five years to work on incrementally and provides a guidepost to allocate staff and funding resources.

Access to Quality Care Services

Results-oriented, value-based contracting and reporting is foundational. The partner organizations that provide direct services and care to clients and their families are the core strength of ADAMH’s system of service delivery. Taking services to where people choose to receive them will be a hallmark of future service delivery.

Healthy Families

Many committed families and caregivers carry significant challenges to care for their loved ones who may not acknowledge their illnesses. They need support as critical, primary care givers. Family education and support services should be informed by diverse cultural perspectives on mental illness and substance use disorders.

Innovation to Emerging Needs

Franklin County is a diverse community. We expect continuous changes in healthcare and will build the capacity to serve consumers within an innovative and culturally appropriate continuum of care that meets both present needs and emerging needs.

Prevention and Community Engagement

Community members at risk and especially those who are in the early stages of substance use disorders or mental health conditions are often isolated and lack resources. Health education, outreach, early identification, and early intervention are essential elements to reducing risk and the time it takes for an individual to achieve recovery. Community engagement and public education will be designed to eliminate misunderstanding and the stigma often attached to the people experiencing the chronic, recurring illnesses served by ADAMH.

Safety, Security, and Stability

The safety, security, and stability of community members experiencing mental health conditions and substance use disorders is foundational to their ability to move, live, work, learn, and participate in their recovery. These most basic needs, especially safe, affordable housing, require substantive attention by ADAMH and essential community partners.

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