Mission, Vision, Core Values

ADAMH Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the well-being of our community by reducing the incidence of mental health problems and eliminating the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in Franklin County.

Vision Statement

Citizens in need of care will receive the most progressive and effective mental health and addiction treatment and prevention services available.  The unique cultural and individual needs of each client will guide how the services are provided, and treatment will always be provided in a timely manner. ADAMH’s commitment to these goals establishes its role as a vital partner in Franklin County’s healthcare network and will help to de-stigmatize mental illness.

Core Values

[We believe that the following are important in accomplishing our mission and fulfilling our vision:]

1. Listening – to our clients and their families needs;
2. Collaborating – with other systems of care in the community;
3. Educating – thereby erasing the stigma of mental illness and addiction;
4. Stewardship – of resources entrusted to our care;
5. Creativity – look for new and better ways to solve problems and ways to serve;
6. Respect – assign value to the cultural, educational, or cognitive perspectives offered by others;
7. Humility – willingness to learn from our mistakes;
8. Compassion – remember that we exist to help others in need; and
9. Diversity – recognizing uniqueness in everyone we serve.

ADAMH helps Franklin County residents find the right places to turn for affordable, quality alcohol, drug addiction and mental health services. These services are provided by more than 35 not-for-profit contract agencies located in neighborhoods throughout the county. A sliding fee scale for services means any Franklin County resident can receive needed services and be charged on the basis of income and circumstance. Services are funded in part by a single property tax levy approved by voters.

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