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This portal is for ADAMH provider agencies. For a full listing of providers, visit our Provider Network page. 

Quarterly Provider Update Meeting

  • Previous meeting: View the slides and recording from the Feb. 21 meeting.
  • Next meeting: The next update is scheduled for 11 a.m. on May 16.

ADAMH Network Providers may access notices, manuals, links, forms, documentation and updates on this page.

View a copy of the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan Presentation


For any questions or more information, please contact the Claims & Enrollments team at


If you do not have credentials to access the SmartCare claims and enrollment system environments or the Moodle training platform, please contact the Claims & Enrollments Team at

Secure File Transfer
If you do not have credentials to access the Secure File Transfer site, please contact the ADAMH information Services staff at

SmartCare TRAIN
SmartCare Training environment (for user training and practice)

SmartCare PROD
SmartCare Production environment (for live data submissions)

ADAMH’s web-based training platform

Please see the video below for instructions on how to log in and access assigned courses for the SmartCare system.

JitBit Provider Help Desk
Secure website for submission of issues with PHI.

Manuals and Documents

Provider 837 EDI Claim Guidance  

DownloadView Online


Guidance Documents

TA Document - Court Records as Proof of ResidencyDownload View Online

2023 Public Subsidy ScaleDownload View Online

Services and Billing Codes Guide Download



Client Enrollment Forms

ADAMH Affidavit of Residency Form Download View Online



Planning & Evaluation

Consumer Privacy

42 CFR Part 2 - Additional Information Coming Soon

Outcomes Data Collection & Reporting

Outcomes CompendiumView Online

ADAMH 2023 Provider Outcomes Meeting
View Slide DeckView Recording

ADAMH 2022 Provider Outcomes Meeting View Slide Deck View Recording

Measuring Outcomes of TreatmentDownload View Online

Client Satisfaction

ADAMH Client Satisfaction Survey System Report Download View Online

Current Survey in Progress View Online


Supervisor Guide to OQ-Analyst DownloadView Online

OQ-Analyst User ManualDownload View Online



OQ WebinarsView Online


Provider Reports

CR Report Descriptions - Coming Soon

County BPRO - Coming Soon


ASP & Budget

The following forms are now agency specific and have been sent to provider CEO/CFO. If another copy is needed, please contact

  • KY23 ASP Agency Forms
  • Budget Templates

The rest of the ASP & Budget forms are included below:

KY23 ASP Budget Cover Memo
DownloadView Online

KY23 Budget Instructions
Download View Online

KY23 Service-Program Narrative Form
DownloadView Online

2023 School-based Prevention District Form
DownloadView Online

KY23 Prevention Program Description
DownloadView Online



PC-MI-50.1A Bailiff's Special InstructionsDownload View Online

Guardianship Service Board ReferralDownload View Online

Monthly Outpatient Commitment StatusDownload



Outpatient Commitment Guidelines


The following link contains all requirements for certified Peer Recovery Support credential, the continuing education credits and the supervisory requirements. Easily accessed on the OMHAS website under Programs. Click Here

Public Affairs

CredibleMind - Franklin County Job and Family Services

Overview Social Posts and Flyers

Learn more about the partnership with Franklin County Job and Family Services to provide mental health resources through CredibleMind.

Job Listings

Submit a New Job Listing View All Job Listings

If your organization has a job listing that you would like to see included on the ADAMH website, please fill out the form linked above or send information to Please note that this service is for ADAMH System of Care Providers only.

Information Sharing

Do you have a special announcement you would like to share? If you would like to see your content appear on ADAMH social media, in our eNewsletter, or on the website, please send it to

Event Resources

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