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ADAMH helps Franklin County residents find the right places to turn for affordable, quality alcohol, drug addiction and mental health services.

ADAMH is mandated to plan, fund and evaluate the behavioral health care services in our community. Our mission is to improve the well-being of our community by reducing the incidence of mental health problems and eliminating the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in Franklin County.

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2020 ADAMH Annual Meeting and Annual Awards

The 2020 ADAMH Annual Meeting occured vitrually, honoring this year’s Annual Award recipients as well as all of the providers in our System of Care …

2020 ADAMH Annual Meeting and Annual Awards Read More

Emotional Support Line Available Anytime 614.276.CARE (2273)

Emotional Support Line Available Anytime 614.276.CARE (2273) Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or lonely during this time of uncertainty? Talking to someone really can help. …

Emotional Support Line Available Anytime 614.276.CARE (2273) Read More


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Click Here to view the May 2021 edition of our eNewsletter in your web browser. ...

One in five adults in the U.S. now has a mental illness. There is help.

We live in extraordinary times, and the emotional costs of the dual pandemic - COVID-19 ...

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