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Our Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities 2022 - 2026

As the Franklin County community grows and its mental health and addiction service needs evolve, so must the behavioral healthcare network. In 2021, ADAMH built a five-year strategic plan to guide the organization’s path forward. The 2022-2026 ADAMH Strategic Plan includes a realistic and action-oriented framework for the organization’s sustainability and growth over the next five-year levy cycle with a significant emphasis on stakeholder perspectives.  

This plan reflects the priorities, goals, and strategies derived from input from the organization’s internal and external stakeholders through comprehensive organizational and community needs assessments completed in 2021. Staff-driven, department work plans informed select key actions for 2022 included in the initial production of this five-year strategic plan and identify critical paths and subtasks required across ADAMH departments. The department work plans will be monitored and refreshed internally on an ongoing basis with annual updates regarding key actions added to the five-year strategic plan annually.  

ADAMH Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026

Service Delivery System

Lead an equitable mental health and addiction services system that prioritizes access, innovation, collaboration, and culturally responsive care to meet the needs of all individuals and families in Franklin County.

Measurement of Impact

Coordinate comprehensive data collection, analysis, and reporting that supports quality service delivery and greater understanding of the impact of ADAMH’s investments on individuals and families in Franklin County.

System Workforce

Create a diverse, motivated, and competent network of mental health and addiction service professionals to support the workforce needs of community-based providers serving individuals and families in Franklin County.

Communication and Engagement

Leverage ADAMH’s local authority to reduce stigma, remove barriers to receiving care, and promote mental health and wellness for all individuals and families in Franklin County.

Organizational Alignment

Strengthen the accountability of ADAMH and staff through the alignment of ADAMH’s organizational structure, culture, and resources to respond to the mental health and addiction service needs of Franklin County efficiently and effectively.

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