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Spotlight Stories

Where Better Begins: Rory, Sarah and Leon

Where Better Begins: Rory, Sarah and Leon Better. It’s what we do at ADAMH.Rory, Sarah and Leon are living fuller, healthier, happier lives thanks to […]

Where Better Begins: Rory McIntyre

“People need to know that, if they are dealing with mental illness, they’re not alone.” The 24/7 Suicide Prevention Hotline for Franklin County is available […]

Richard Jamison: Shattering the Stigma

“I’ve been a bad man,” Richard Jamison admitted, “but people change.” Richard understands that some people who know him from his past may look at […]

Derrick Kirkland: Recovery is a Lifelong Journey

Derrick Kirkland flashed a big smile as he excitedly showed a picture of his 37-year old son and explained that he would become a grandpa […]

Christa Brickey: Dealing with The After Effects of Suicide

Christa Brickey knew from a young age that her older brother Nathan was struggling. Nathan suffered from medical issues that caused him to endure surgeries, […]

Success Story: David Sigal

  David Sigal battled addiction for over a decade, but now he is saying, “This is it, drugs!” David is now a part of the […]

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