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Where Better Begins: Rory, Sarah and Leon

Where Better Begins: Rory, Sarah and Leon

Better. It’s what we do at ADAMH.Rory, Sarah and Leon are living fuller, healthier, happier lives thanks to the 30+ not-for-profit agencies in our System of Care that work every day to support those with mental illness and help people live addiction-free lives.ADAMH -- Where Better Begins.

Rory McIntyre

“People need to know that, if they are dealing with mental illness, they’re not alone.”
The 24/7 Suicide Prevention Hotline for Franklin County is available at 614.221.5445.

Sarah Cline

If you are feeling lost and afraid after giving birth, you are not alone.
Sarah experienced postpartum depression. After connecting with POEM (Perinatal Outreach and Encouragement for Moms) at Mental Health America of Franklin County, a provider in the ADAMH System of Care, she is now living a fuller, healthier, happier life with her son.
Learn more about POEM Support Groups.

Leon Barber

Living in recovery from mental health or substance use disorder can look different for each person. See what a day living in recovery looks like for Leon Barber.
Leon's recovery journey has included multiple relapses, but today, he has found a routine that has allowed him to maintain his own personal program of recovery. Leon is now a Certified Peer Supporter at Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare Hospital.
Learn more about becoming a Certified Peer Supporter.

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