ADAMH Staff Directory

Below is a listing of all ADAMH Staff and their contact information by department.

ADAMH CEO Contact         (614) 222.3760

David Royer Chief Executive Officer

Clinical Service                  (614) 222.3750

Kythryn Carr Harris Vice President, Clinical Services
Jennifer Martinez Director of Clinical Services
Dr. Delaney Smith System Chief Clinical Officer
Vacant Executive Assistant
Meg Griffing Clinical Manager, Adults
Mitzi Moody Clinical Manager, Youth & Families
Vincent Sabino Clinical Manager, AOD

Finances & Business Operations       (614) 222.3790

Sujatha Aroor Fiscal System Manager
Tanicha Moore SHARES Enrollment Representative
Justin Curtis Director, SHARES Enterprise Services
Cathy Harris Accounting Specialist
Jennifer Russell SHARES Business Systems Analyst
Sonji Ross SHARES Enrollment Representative
Kathy Podlasiak Executive Assistant
Mark Lambert Sr. Director, Finance
John Logan Financial Analyst
Tracy McConkey Budget & Contract Officer
Alfreda Miller SHARES Enrollment Representative
Willie Pinkins Internal Auditor
Lou Ann Price Accountant
Heber Howard Director, Accounting and Financial Reporting
Dr. Carolee Spencer Director, Membership Services
Jonathan Wylly Chief Financial Officer

Housing                                (614) 222.3755

Irina Yakhnitskiy Clinical Manager, Adults/Generalist
Keith McCloud Residential Placement Manager

Information Services        (614) 222.3790

Susan Duderstadt Sr. Director, Information Services
Zachary Morris System Analyst 1
Prajakta Samant System Analyst 2
Jesse Lyon Network Administrator

Leadership                          (614) 222.3760

Dr. Kevin Dixon Vice President, Community and Cultural Engagement
Nettie Ferguson Community Prevention Manager
Darlene Truss Executive Assistant Community Cultural Engagement & HR
Phil Hedden Client Rights Advocate
Vacant Chief Administrative Officer
Allison Chapman Receptionist/HR Secretary
Tikara Robinson Executive Assistant
Marissa Anderson Administrative Assistant
Matilda Woods Sr. Director, Human Resources

Planning & Evaluation          (614) 222.3750

Jonathan Thomas Vice President, Planning & Evaluation
Joe Florenski Compliance Manager
Robert Lonardo Data Solutions Manager
Vacant Research Manager
Erika Oshiro Reporting Specialist

Public Affairs                      (614) 222.3728

Aimee Shadwick Director, Public Affairs
Leah Hooks Digital Communications Specialist
Mackenzie Betts Public Information Officer
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