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Social Media Policy

ADAMH Disclaimer

Once posted, ADAMH reserves the right to hide or delete submissions that contain HIPAA or patient confidentiality law violations, vulgar or inappropriate language, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive comments that target or disparage any ethnic, racial, or religious group. Further, ADAMH also reserves the right to delete comments that are: (i) spam or include links to other sites; (ii) irrelevant; (iii) advocate illegal activity; (iv) promote or oppose particular services, products, or political organizations/candidates; or (v) infringe on copyrights or trademarks. Please note that the comments expressed on these sites do not reflect the opinions and position of the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County or its employees.

Comment Policy

Positive Comments

Positive comments will be left on our page and will be responded to in a respectful and friendly manner. It should be noted that not all comments will warrant a response. Comments that violate HIPAA and patient confidentiality laws will be captured for public records use first and then hidden or deleted, even if they are friendly in nature.

Negative Comments

Negative comments that are written in a respectful tone without vulgar language will stay on ADAMH’s page and the Social Media Coordinator will respond in a respectful and friendly manner consulting with the Senior Public Affairs Director and other ADAMH staff members as appropriate. The Social Media Coordinator will apologize for their experience but will never apologize for the service or provider.
Negative comments that are written in a disrespectful tone and/or using vulgar language will be captured for public records use then hidden or deleted from the ADAMH page so the public will not be able to see them. These comments do not warrant a response.

Threatening Comments

Individual(s) who say they are going to self-harm will be addressed directly. The administrator of the ADAMH page will share the following response with the individual(s) publicly on the social network’s page.
Threatening comments toward others will be captured for public records use then hidden or deleted from our page so others cannot see them.  These comments do not warrant a response. We will call the police and give them the Facebook username of the person making the threats. The police will resolve the issue from there on out.  To address threatening comments towards others, the ADAMH page administrator will contact the Columbus Police Department and file a telecommunications harassment report. To file this report, go to or call 614.645.4545 (non-emergency line).


User blocking on the ADAMH social media accounts is a measure to be taken in extreme situations and should not be taken lightly. Blocking of individual social media users shall be at the discretion of the Digital Communications Specialist and the Senior Public Affairs Director for such offenses including, but not limited to: repeated use of profane language, personal or group attacks, spam comments and other offensive behaviors. In the event that a Designee encounters user behavior that may warrant blocking, he/she shall consult with the Digital Communications Specialist for further guidance prior to taking action.

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