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4th of July: 5 Ways to Celebrate Sober

For many who are in recovery from alcoholism and addiction, holidays and celebrations are some of the most difficult times to stay sober. When traditions revolve around alcohol, it can be hard to break old habits. Here are 5 Ways to Celebrate Sober this 4th of July:

1. Start a New Tradition

Do something completely different from your usual 4th of July celebrations. Take a trip to a new city. Go bowling or to the movies. Visit an amusement park, museum or art show. Putting yourself in a different setting to celebrate the day will help you feel excited for something new rather than reminiscing about the past.

2. Always keep a (non-alcoholic) drink in hand

When you already have a drink in hand, people are less likely to try to give you something else to drink. You can still enjoy fun drinks by making your own mocktails!

3. Make plans with your sober friends

Gather up all of the friends that you have made since beginning this journey to sobriety. Chances are, they are also struggling to change old celebration habits. Host a party with non-alcoholic drinks and games so that you can all celebrate sober together!

4. Remember how you celebrated when you were a kid

Think back to celebrations when you were a kid. What did you do for fun then? Get a group together and reenact old fond memories like going to a local fireworks display, playing with sparklers, and eating hamburgers.

5. Think about why you started your journey toward sobriety

You made the choice to become sober. Remember what led you to make that decision and keep that in mind as you create new traditions. Nationwide events, such as the 4th of July celebrations are a joyous occasion for many people. But for some, this can be a bittersweet experience. You are surrounded by people who are drinking and you may find it hard to be able to fight these urges that you have. One little drink could set you back in your journey of sobriety, and before long you might find yourself in a halfway house for addicts or somewhere similar and working hard to get yourself back on track again. And you don't want this to happen. Finding ways to enjoy these celebrations without having a drink is your new normal and it's time that you start making different traditions that can help you with your sobriety.

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