April: Alcohol Awareness Month - ADAMH Board of Franklin County

April: Alcohol Awareness Month

During the past year, many have turned to alcohol as a way to deal with feelings of social isolation, economic struggles and ongoing uncertainty. In Ohio, we saw “Wine with DeWine” in reference to our Governor’s COVID-19 updates. We also know that alcohol and other substance use can contribute to worsening feelings of depression and anxiety, leaving many feeling stuck in a vicious cycle of mental distress and substance use.

According to a recent study, “people drank more frequently, and for women in particular, more heavily, and with more negative consequences, during the initial stages of COVID-19 compared to their own behaviors from a year earlier,” (Michael S. Pollard, RAND Corporation). Franklin County alone saw alcohol-involved deaths increase by 45.6 percent from 2019 to 2020 for the first three quarters of the year (Franklin County Coroner’s Office) as Ohio saw an increase of 19 percent in liquor sales in 2020 (The Ohio Division of Liquor Control). Ohio also recently passed a new law which allows alcohol delivery straight to your door seven days a week, even on holidays, so liquor can be purchased and received without ever leaving your home.

ADAMH and our network of providers are working to address substance use, including the abuse of alcohol, during and beyond the pandemic. If you have noticed that you or a loved one has continued alcohol use despite negative impacts on life and functioning, or has experienced unsuccessful attempts to cut back, it’s time to reach out for help. Learn more about the providers in the ADAMH Network offering adult services for Substance Use Disorders. These services are individualized based on a clinical assessment identifying the level of care to best meet the person's unique needs. For assistance navigating the system and finding the services that are right for you, please call Netcare Access at 614.276.2273.

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