Ombudsman of Franklin County - ADAMH Board of Franklin County

Ombudsman – Get Connected Program

If you are a consumer or family member who receives mental health or alcohol/drug services or if you are in need of help, we offer the services through the Get Connected Program at Mental Health America of Ohio. Get Connected helps individuals who are having difficulties with the services they are receiving. To contact the Get Connected program, please call 614.242.4357 or send an email to the program at

Get Connected can act as an advocate for clients in the following areas:

  • Assistance in resolving issues with current mental health providers
  • An empathetic and knowledgeable advocate who works to understand each caller’s specific problem and connects them with mental health providers and community resources that will be most helpful for their situation
  • Assistance in navigating the mental health and substance use treatment system in Central Ohio
  • Education about patient and client rights within the state and local mental health treatment system
  • Direct referral to the Legal Aid Society of Columbus to assist individuals with difficulties related to public benefits, housing, family/domestic conflict, financial issues, and other civil legal problems

For more information about the Get Connected Program, click here.

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