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NBC4 Daytime Focus: Recovery Month

Daytime Focus: Recovery Month 

Sue Villilo, ADAMH VP Assistant System Chief Clinical Officer

The push to make your personal wellbeing a priority has gained even more traction the last couple of years. And that should absolutely include your mental health. Too often, negative behaviors and substance use can derail those efforts. That’s why today and all next week we are connecting you to help and hope, so that you can heal.

Deidra James, The P.E.E.R Center Assistant Director

Look up the word recovery in the dictionary, and you’ll see a simple explanation: a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. But if you or a loved one has ever been through trauma or addiction, you know that the path to recovery is anything but simple. The P.E.E.R Center explains how they help people in recovery heal.

Carol Stegall, LCDCII, OCPSA, Africentric Personal Development Shop

Making families healthier, and safer. This sentiment is at the core of the Africentric Personal Development Shop. Their teams are able to step in when a family’s home life may be at its worst, guiding them to a better future without violence or abuse.

Oyauma Garrison, MBA, CPCU, Maryhaven President & CEO

The ways in which a substance use or behavioral disorder can disrupt a person’s life are limitless, and none for the better. It’s why the road to recovery isn’t just about confronting the addiction, but also restoring their lives. That is the motto of Maryhaven, a well known name in addiction recovery.

Kyle Harden, House of Hope Outreach Director

There are a lot of false assumptions about substance use disorder. One is that some people are simply too far gone to overcome that addiction. House of Hope has proven otherwise time and time again. In this Daytime Focus discussion, learn all the ways they help people beat their addiction.

Dr. Maria Houston, LSS Choices Executive Director

You often hear the term “cycle of violence” when referring to instances of domestic abuse. That’s because for those enduring it, it can never seem never ending. Providing a safe place to break that cycle for good, is what drives LSS Choices for victims of domestic abuse.

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