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Huckleberry House

Huckleberry House

Phone: 614.294.8097
Fax: 614.242.1285

1421 Hamlet Street
Columbus, OH 43201

Crisis Hotline: 614.294.5553
YOP Shop: 614.826.3630

Who We Are

Huckleberry House works with youth and families who are dealing with some of the most difficult problems such as abuse, violence, neglect, poverty and homelessness. They offer proven programs and employ committed people who know how to help young people and families take control of their lives so they can move past the circumstances they’re in and move toward the future they want. Huckleberry House is a 24-hour safe and supportive alternative to life on the streets for teens. Services provided include: a crisis intervention and emergency shelter program, a transitional living program, street outreach, and family support services including counseling, community education and events for parents and teens on runaway prevention.

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