Central Ohio Behavioral Healthcare - ADAMH Board of Franklin County

Central Ohio Behavioral Healthcare

Central Ohio Behavioral Healthcare (COBH)

Phone: 614.752.0333
Fax: 614.752.0087
Web: https://mha.ohio.gov/about-us/regional-psychiatric-hospitals/healthcare-facilities/cobh/cobh

2200 W. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43223

TDD: 614.274.7137

Who We Are

Central Ohio Behavioral Healthcare (COBH) provides hospitalization and outpatient behavioral health services in Columbus, Ohio. COBH’s inpatient psychiatric services include maximum security forensic care and crisis stabilization. COBH’s Community Support Network provides recovery-based, comprehensive, quality and cost-effective outpatient behavioral health services to adults with severe mental illness.

Accessible by bus/on bus line
Bipolar Disorder
Case management/ care coordination
Dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders
Family counseling
Housing coordination
Individual counseling
Medication management
Mental health treatment
Peer support
Personality disorders
Trauma-informed care

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