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Serving the Near East Side

Editorial: Working together, care agencies show they also are caring

ADAMH has worked to contact 900 former clients of Columbus Area and connect them with new service providers.

Meanwhile, PrimaryOne and Southeast are seeking a location in which to serve residents by this fall, and ADAMH is hosting meetings Wednesday (Aug. 14) and (Thursday) Aug. 29 to see what else is needed.

Agencies team up to fill mental health-care gap after longtime provider’s sudden closure

Hundreds of people who had relied on the now-defunct Columbus Area Integrated Health Services soon will have a new option for behavioral-health care.

“While we recognize there is a need that we want to fill immediately, we also want to take the time to have a conversation about the longer-term needs of the community,” Aimee Shadwick, ADAMH Public Affairs Director, said. “It’s important that we give residents the opportunity to have their voices heard.”

Join the Conversation: Near East Side Community Meetings

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