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Mini-Grant Funds Support Underserved Girls in Femergy Summer Enrichment Programming

One of the ways the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County (ADAMH) extends its reach beyond its network of provider agencies is through the Mini-Grant Program. This program provides small grants up to $5,000 to support programs, events or campaigns with a broad community impact that raise awareness of behavioral health issues, promote prevention, reduce stigma, enhance social connectedness, increase resilience and educate about diversity, equity and inclusion.

In 2023, ADAMH awarded $53,600 in mini-grant funds to 28 recipients, including Femergy, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides additional access and support to enhance girls and women in the areas of education, leadership and health and wellness. ADAMH awarded Femergy $2,000 in funding to put toward its Chica Sports & Fitness summer enrichment opportunity for girls ages 12-18. Chica Sports & Fitness was also awarded mini-grant funds in 2022.

Founded in 2014, the program – which serves nearly 100 girls of color every summer – offers an overnight camp and mini-clinic options where participants explore organized sports, fitness, nutrition, wellness education, cooking, hiking, workforce readiness and more. Each activity promotes learning, leadership, relationship-building and confidence building skills.

“The health and wellness piece is really why Chica Sports & Fitness was created, because many girls were receiving subpar health education from their schools,” said Emma Hawkins, Femergy Director of Development. “They didn't understand a lot about how to maintain their health – mental or physical – so we really wanted to bridge that gap.”

Mini-grant funds were used to help purchase student materials, including program T-shirts and fitness attire like sports bras, sneakers and leggings, as well as fitness equipment like jump ropes, free weights and yoga mats. Emma said funds were also used to buy cooking utensils, binders and journals.

“We try to give the girls materials with a long-lasting life because we want what they learn during those four days of camp to really be transitional to their everyday lives,” Emma said.

Emma said the partnership Femergy has built with ADAMH through the Mini-Grant Program has had a lasting impact on the organization’s overall health and wellness programming.

“We very much appreciate how straightforward and simple the application and recording process is for the mini grants,” Emma said. “I'm sure we'll apply again this year because it's been so beneficial for the last couple of years.”

Interested in learning more about the Mini-Grant Program? Visit ADAMH is always looking for new partnerships to foster positive change and strengthen community connectedness.

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