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Alvis, Inc. (Amethyst)

Alvis, Inc. (Amethyst)

Phone: 614.252.8834
Fax: 614.252.5326

2100 Stella Court
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Recovery Choices Outpatient Behavioral Health Treatment: 614.252.8834

Amethyst, an Alvis Recovery Program: 614.242.1284

The Community Reentry Center – workforce development training and GED education: 614.252.0660

Who We Are

Alvis provides reentry, behavioral health treatment, workforce development, family support and other services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Integrated behavioral healthcare, including medication-assisted treatment, is available at both the Recovery Choices and Amethyst programs. Recovery Choices provides Intensive Outpatients Programs and Outpatient Program treatment services for men and women. Amethyst is a longer term, holistic program for women. Recovery housing for men and women (including case management and peer support) are available for individuals with or without minor children.

Accessible by bus/on bus line
Addictive behaviors (gambling/food/etc.)
After-school program
Alcohol use/drinking
Anger management
Case management/ care coordination
Drug use/treatment
Dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders
Family counseling
Individual counseling
Job/employment/ vocational support
Life skills training
Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT such as suboxone)
Medication management
Mental health treatment
Opioid use/treatment
Parenting classes
Peer support
Personality disorders
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Prescription drug use
Recovery housing
Reentry services
Social anxiety disorder
Stress management
Substance use/treatment
Summer camp
Support group (drug/alcohol use)
Support group
Telehealth/ telemedicine
Trauma-informed care
Treatment for pregnant women

Amethyst, an Alvis recovery program, provides evidence-informed, holistic, integrated behavioral health services to women and individuals who identify as women. This longer term program is designed to get at the root of a woman’s substance use, mental health and trauma. Minor children can live with their mothers while she is in treatment. These children will receive prevention, educational support and related services.

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