OhioGuidestone - ADAMH Board of Franklin County

Phone: 614.653.2384
Fax: 614.928.9094
Email: Amanda.Wattenberg@ohioguidestone.org
Web: http://ohioguidestone.org/

195 N. Grant Ave., Suite 250
Columbus, OH 43215

Who We Are

Throughout its 156-year history, OhioGuidestone has evolved to meet the changing needs of the vulnerable individuals, families, and neighborhoods in our community, helping them reset their path, reclaim their autonomy and restore their purpose. Today, OhioGuidestone provides transformative behavioral health solutions to meet the complex challenges people face. Our Central Ohio office opened in 2007 to respond to a need for in-home services for individuals and families. Our programs focus on both prevention and treatment, and in the past several years our services have expanded to better reach individuals struggling with drug and alcohol use disorders. This expansion has included outpatient therapy, intensive outpatient treatment, and medication assisted treatment. Services offered in Franklin County include mental health counseling and treatment services; early childhood mental health services; family services; and Substance Use Disorder services.

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