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Mental Health and Addiction Resources for New and Expectant Moms

The spotlight is on moms and expectant moms this month, and not just because Mother’s Day is approaching. May also marks Maternal Mental Health Month. Throughout the provider network of the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County (ADAMH), there are many programs and resources specifically for this important population.

The ADAMH network has services for both mental health and addiction-related issues, as evidenced by the two programs highlighted below. Head over to ADAMH’s Treatment for Moms page for an extensive list of services available within our network and community.

Perinatal Outreach & Encouragement for Moms (POEM) Program from Mental Health America

Mental Health America of Ohio offers free parent-to-parent support and connections to mental health care and community resources for moms and birthing persons in Ohio. POEM serves as a single-entry point of care through the perinatal (pregnancy and postpartum) period. Services for pregnant and postpartum people include peer-to-peer support from certified staff, a mentoring program, support groups, and Rise - programming specifically geared toward serving Black and African American moms and birthing persons.

POEM Statewide also hosts the Ohio Perinatal Mental Health Task Force, a collaborative of providers and individuals across the state seeking to improve mental health care and support systems for moms and birthing persons in Ohio.

“Accessing mental health care and support in general can be complicated, confusing and discouraging. When you’re pregnant, postpartum or have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss, finding the time and energy for that process is even more unrealistic and overwhelming,” said Becca Alexander, Senior Manager of Statewide Operations for POEM. “Moms and birthing persons need support from those who have been there too – those who understand the challenges of these life milestones and the impact they have on mental health. POEM is comprised of those of us who have been there, and we’re uniquely qualified to offer this kind of support and care navigation.”

Pregnancy and Parenting Pathway Program from CompDrug

Through the Pathway program, CompDrug provides wrap around services for pregnant people struggling with a Substance Use Disorder to ensure the health of both the patient and their infant. The comprehensive program supports moms and their families from pregnancy through the child's second birthday. Pathway provides tailored services and specialized care for pregnant and post-partum patients with opiate use disorder.

Throughout May CompDrug is conducting a social media campaign to raise awareness about the stigma facing moms and expecting moms with substance use disorder. Although treatment and prenatal care are associated with better outcomes for baby and parent, misinformation and stigma make it more difficult for pregnant people with substance use disorders to get the help they need. Follow CompDrug on Facebook to learn more and get involved.

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