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Making Treatment for Alcoholism More Accessible

It’s Alcohol Awareness Month, a time for increasing outreach and education as well as promoting services available to help those who are affected by alcoholism. At ADAMH, it’s always a priority for us to combat the stigma around alcoholism and make treatment more accessible. This has been especially true in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because loneliness and social disconnection are doorways to addiction, the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) granted funds to expand the use of innovative approaches to treat persons with alcohol use/misuse disorder. The OhioMHAS COVID-19 Alcohol Use Disorder funding committed $302,596.66 66 to ADAMH to fund two contracted providers to expand services.

Funding began in the later part of 2021 with the Africentric Personal Development Shop (APDS) and Columbus Public Health (CPH) receiving funds in early 2022. Just last month, OMHAS approved ADAMH for a one-year, no-cost extension so the two providers can utilize the remaining dollars, $68,310.

APDS will continue to provide comprehensive recovery services including ASAM levels of care, outpatient, intensive outpatient, aftercare and support groups. They will also incorporate public service announcements to attract additional clients.

CPH will continue to do outreach, including providing birth certificates and bus passes to remove barriers to getting needed services. They will also provide supplies to continue engaging those in the community to provide linkages and referrals to treatment, medical and social services. These linkages will occur at 12 scheduled Walk in for Recovery events from June through August of this year, as well as at other community outreach events throughout 2023.


Get Connected to These Providers

Africentric Personal Development Shop – Alcohol & Drug Treatment
Phone: 614.253.4448

Columbus Public Health – Alcohol & Drug Treatment
Phone: 614.645.6839

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